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ID: 9854; Local Name: Cernobbio

Residential center, known since the 19th century, with a wonderful location on Lake Como at the foot of Mount Bisbino. It is characterized by very ancient origins: the origin of the name comes from "Coenobium", an ancient convent that stood in the area of ​​the current Villa D'Este. From Cernobbio you can reach Monte Bisbino by following a panoramic road or by taking the "Via dei Lari Mountains" a long walk on 600-1,200 foot trails fully marked by the CAI.

Today Cernobbio, also influenced by the nearby Como, has adapted and prepared itself for tourism, offering accommodation facilities of the highest level, nature trails such as the Kilometer of Knowledge and an important conference center of Villa Erba surrounded by a magnificent park open to all.


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