Abbadia Lariana

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Abbadia Lariana

Local Name : Abbadia Lariana

The present municipality was established in 1928 by joining the two centers of Abbadia Sopr'Adda and Linzanico, and its name is the abolished Benedictine abbey of the ninth century. Its history is rich in important episodes, from the first half of the Iron Age to the Gallico-Roman period, to the Middle Ages, to the French Revolution, to the nineteenth century with Garibaldi. Abbadia gave a great contribution to volunteers during the Risorgimento and the last war.

Not much remains of its medieval past, as well as of its important production capacity in the silk and textile sector. Today it is possible to rediscover its origins in the Monti Silk Museum, a civic museum dedicated to the Monti family who had several spinning machines here.
Abbadia Lariana, over the years has been able to convert and improve its tourist offer through the wide beach, walks and business activities aimed at tourism.


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