Como basin

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The western basin is the one that most summarizes the idea that tourists have of Lake Como.
Villas, gardens, places known throughout the world, the city of Como itself, certainly make this part of the lake a must-see when visiting.
There are many points of interest, such as the city of Como, Brunate, Argegno, Bellagio, the island Comacina ... here we mention only a few leaving the reader the discovery of the many attractions of this part of the lake.
Lake Como, also known as Lario, is a natural Italian pre-alpine lake of fluvioglacial origin falling within the territories belonging to the provinces of Como and Lecco, whose capitals are located in the two southern ends of their respective branches. It consists of three different compartments, popularly known as branches: the Como and Lecco basins, which are almost symmetrical, and the larger Colico basin to the north.
It is the deepest lake in Italy, the one with the greatest perimeter extension and the third in surface area and volume.


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